Welcome to the campaign of Lorevanti. You are all adventurers in the land of Tokua, a land where most adventurers are part of an agency that dispaches heroes across the land to deal with problems. Your characters are some of the best this land has produced. As such you will be starting at Lv. 5.

  • When building you character, you can choose any of the Paizo classes to be (you need my permission for Gunslinger or Summoner) and from most 3rd party classes (need my permission first on all of these).
  • Race you have a choice of all the races from Paizo in the Core, Featured, and Uncommon races, and most 3rd party races (with permission). You also have the option of to build you own race using the Paizo race builder with 20 rp to use. I want the races to be well fleashed out with backgroud, not just to build an overpowered race.
  • For ability scores you will roll 3d8 and add 3 to the result. You will do this 7 times and drop the lowest result. You will assign these numbers to your abilities.
  • Your characters will start with 12,000 gp to buy your gear.
  • Select 2 traits

I want you to make a backstory and develop the personality of you charcter. Please roll a percentile (d100) and post your result. I will contact you and you will get something based off the result. Please create your character on this site as well as make a physical paper copy for when we play. Use the sites paizo.com and d20pfsrd.com to build your character. Feel free to ask me any questions. Let’s have fun for this campaign.