Revolution Loot
11/9 and 11/23

Demon Battle: (Loot Divided up mostly)
+1 Wounding Keen Bane (Human) Scythe
Ring Of Evasion
Bracers of Armor +2 with Light Fortification and Undead Controlling
2x Poisioner’s Gloves
4x Vials of Purple Wurm Poision
4x Vials of Black Lotus Extract
2x Belts of +4 dex
2x Monk’s Robes
2x Headband of +6 Int and +4 Wis (Sense Motive, Acrobatics, and Stealth)
Minor Maximize Metamagic Rod
+2 Int Headband
+1 Chainshirt
+1 Buckler
+4 Wis Headband
+2 Ring of Protection
Chain Shirt
+1 Unholy Raiper
+2 Con Belt
+2 Cha headband
+1 ring of Protection
4x +1 Adaptive Longbows
4x +4 Wis Headbands
4x Efficent Quiver’s
Potions of Haste CL 10 and Oils of Gravity Bow
Various +2 Bane Arrows
4x Rhino Hide Armor
4x +1 Keen Greatswords
4x +4 Str Belts
4x Potions of Enalrge Person CL 10
2x (?) Potions of Mirror Image CL 12

Random Revolution Battle:
7x +1 Unholy Raipers
7x Chainshirts
7x +2 Con Belts
7x +2 Cha Headbands
7x +1 Ring of Protection
4x Minor Maximize Meta Magic Rods
4x +2 Int Headbands
3x +2 Ring of Protection
3x +4 Wis Headbands
4x +1 Chainshirts
4x +1 Bucklers
Potions of Mirror Image CL 6 and Potions of Haste CL 6

11/23 Leader Battle:
?x Orcs each gave:
+1 Keen Greatswords
Rhino Hide Armors
Potions of Mirror Image CL 12
Potions of Enlarge Person CL 10
+4 Str Belts
Monkey Gave:
Poisoner’s gloves (with a dose of purple worm poision and black lotus extract in the hands)
Monk’s robes
+6 Int and +4 Wis headband (stealth, sense motive, and acrobatics)
+4 Dex Belt

Reynolds adventures up north

Once we got back from our adventures at Bren’s maze I decided to hit the books. By doing research in the agency’s archives I was able to dig up information on my father’s former missions and I decided to go north and visit some of the areas that he’d been.

My first decision was to go visit what my father had done in the northern most area of our “island.” Along the way I ran into several gangs of people from the resistance. I was able to easily handle them and continue on with my journey north.

One evening, halfway through my adventure, I was awoken by a great rumbling. The ground shook beneath me and a strange noise rang out too close to my tent. I had just dispatched several enemies earlier in the night and I had not yet dug their graves, waiting for the morning to partake in that deed. I left my tent to behold and monstrous bug devouring the corpses and spewing acid from it’s mouth. At this moment I had a decision to make. To attack this beast or to run. I knew in an instant my choice and so I charged the bug, knowing that this may be my last battle. I drew strength from within and I struck at it with all of my might and I felled the beast before it could do any damage to me.

The next morning I continued on my journey north. The travel was easy and I ran in to little resistance. After several more days I came across a forest and I so I walked through it, with caution. I skillfully avoided resistance patrols as I went through the thick of the forest. Finally when I came to a clearing I saw someone who I have yet to understand.

He was a magical being from another plane and it was clear to me that he was immensely powerful. I don’t know how old he was but he exuded wisdom from which I drew inspiration. As we spoke I realized mistakes I’ve made in my life and I gained a new perspective. His words touched me deeply and because of that I will henceforth try to live a new life, a better life. I know it will be difficult but I believe I am capable of doing it. Finally after we were done conversing he used his power to teleport us back in front of the agency and so that is how my journey ended. Without seeing what my father had done but yet not unsatisfied with what I had seen.

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